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Hi! I am David. I am an electronics engineer and a self-taught desktop & mobile app developer.


I started coding in college for our project study, RFID Gate System. We used Forms and VB. Net for the software and C++ for the Arduino controller. I then got into Windows Phone App development and learned C#, XAML, and Git. The first apps I developed were mostly for personal-use until I registered and submitted one to the Windows Phone Store.

Then I developed apps that helped me simplify daily tasks, from monitoring, reporting statistical data, to automating web interactions.


I lived and grew up until 21 in a small town in Pangasinan and moved to Metro Manila to venture for a living.

I can speak Filipino (Tagalog) and English (spoken: 8, written: 9). I can also speak in my local language Pangasinan.

I graduated and passed the Electronics Engineering board exams on 2013.

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