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Excluding my Steam library and other platform games (Epic, GOG), below is a table where I track my finished, on-going, to-be-continued, and soon-to-play games.

Game Title Completion Status
AER Memories of Old Done
Assassin’s Creed Origins Done on Hard
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Soon
Battlefield 3 Done
Battlefield 4 Done
BioShock Done
BioShock 2 TBC
Bioshock Infinite Done on Hard
Blackmesa Done
Braid Done
Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons Done
Celeste Soon
CoD: Black Ops Done
CoD: MW Done
CoD: MW 2 Done
CoD: MW 3 Done
CoD: World at War Done
Dead Space Soon
Dead Space 2 Soon
Dead Space 3 Soon
Dishonored Done
Dishonored 2 TBC
DOOM 2016 Done
DOOM Eternal TBC
Evoland 1/2 Done
Far Cry 3 Done
Far Cry 4 Done
Far Cry 5 Done
Far Cry 6 Done
Far Cry New Dawn Done
Far Cry Primal Done
Ghost Recon: Breakpoint TBC
Ghost Recon: Wildlands Done
GTA 3 Soon
GTA 4 Soon
GTA San Andreas TBC
GTA V Done main story
GTA Vice City Soon
Half-Life Done
Half-Life 2 Done
Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Soon
HL2: Ep 1 Done
HL2: Ep 2 Done
Hollow Knight Done 112% P1-4 NB
Homefront Done
Homefront: The Revolution Soon
Horizon Zero Dawn Soon
Journey Done
Kena Bridge of Spirits Done
Machinarium Done
Mad Max TBC
Mafia 2 Done
Medal of Honor Done
Metro 2033 Done
Metro Exodus Done
Metro Last Light Done
Mirror’s Edge TBC
NFS: Carbon TBC
NFS: Most Wanted Black Edition Done
NFS: Underground 2 Done
Ori and the Blind Forest Done
Ori and the Will of the Wisps Soon
Portal Done
Portal 2 Done
Prototype Done
Prototype 2 Done
Puzzle Agent Done
Puzzle Agent 2 Done
Raft TBC - playing off stream
Red Dead Redemption 2 Soon
Sleeping Dogs Done
Slime Rancher Done - story
Spec Ops: The Line Done
The Darkness 2 Done
The Dream Machine TBC
The Outer Worlds TBC
The Sexy Brutale Done
The Walking Dead (Season 1?) Done
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt + 2 DLCs Done
The Witness Done
Turnip Boy Done
Undertale TBC
Valley Done
Max Payne 2 TBC
C&C: Red Alert 2 Campaign Done on Hard
C&C: RA2 Yuri’s Revenge Campaign Done on Hard
C&C: Red Alert 3 Campaign Done on Easy
C&C: RA3 Uprising Done on Easy
NFS: The Run Done

as of August 9, 2022


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