Welcome to my portfolio

Electronics Engineer

One of my greatest achievements in life so far, is being a registered Electronics (and Communications) Engineer in the Philippines.

Since 2014 in the field, below are some notable contributions to the companies I have worked and am working for:

  • IP radio installations as Studio-to-Transmitter Links
  • Web and IT administration
  • Creative Editor

Software Developer

Self-taught developer; apps for Windows Phone then, Windows 10 and mobile (Android and iOS). I use C#/XAML and Dart/Flutter respectively. I apologize if most of these are unmaintained 😔💔.

Windows 10 apps

Android Apps

iOS Apps

Personal and Work-automation Desktop Apps

  • RPN ID Maker
  • RPN Digital Manager (Web scraper, server and audio monitoring, etc.)
  • ECE Quizzer (Legacy ~Y2012)
  • Other playground apps

Creative and Graphics Editor

Being a self-taught individual developer, I have to use my computer skills to learn graphics editing. I do most of the icons, logos and promotional arts for my apps above.

Tomoegirl Profile Image RPN Digital Square Ad

Facebook Cover RPN Stations Map

ID Maker Icon RPN Radio Logo RPN News Logo

I use Figma for quick graphics, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for a more professional editing.

Gamer, small-time streamer

On 2020, the new-normal sparks the growth of new streamers. Check myGaming section for updates.

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