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RPN Radio UI Overhaul

Updating the looks of RPN Radio mobile app

Browsing Instagram on my account now floods me with several UI/UX tips and practices, making me inspired to update and retouch my apps with some latest trends in mobile designs.

Old Look

Let’s take a look at what the app looked like before the update:

RPN Radio Stations RPN Radio Streaming
Old UI

Though it looked intuitive - with just two simple steps: 1) Launch app, 2) Select station and Listen; the main page does not give the user context on what the app does, which raise this question:

What am I supposed to do?


At first glance of a first-time user, the stations list does NOT show that it is “clickable”. So the first UI update was to change the 4x3 grid to a simple list.

RPN Radio Stations

Station Menu Item Before and After

This subtle change provides the user a hint of “click me” by giving the list item a design of a button. It also gave a space for the station’s detail to be added - station’s location and live/offline status.

Header and Controls

Ok, this area will look crammed especially on small-screen devices. Before this update though, I repositioned the buttons below the controls and were still crammed. This update allowed the horizontal list to be scrolled.

RPN Radio Stations

Header & Controls Before and After

I also changed the text that shows the current stations into a simpler one and updated the share icon.

New Font

I like Poppins.


Besides the UI updates mentioned above, I added an “About” page. It is a simple about and external links of RPN.

RPN Radio About

About page


These are my to-do list for the app, which we will see soon on future updates:

  • No internet connection status
  • Bottom player controls (Priority)
  • App-aware sharing
  • Rate and review prompt
  • Links to station email/messaging


As always, the app is still available for Android and really soon for iOS.

Google Play Store

Huawei AppGallery

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