And... it's December

How many times have I apologized for not posting on my blog? 😅

Let’s just recap, shall we?

I Got Married

Yes, people still marry despite the hardships in this f-ing country, and I am one of them last October. We both felt it is time after 8 years of being together.

The prior months were not all wedding-preparations as I read and took some online courses and learning programs - more about Flutter, and leadership/project management.

Learning In-Depth Flutter

The infamous Angela Yu’s Flutter bootcamp course on Udemy has been sitting on my learning for a few months and I finally decided to take it on since I really really have to update and improve my Flutter/Dart coding - and to update some apps.

I faced some problems with the course since it was outdated to the current Flutter version but it all went good, thanks for the updated documentation of Flutter and packages.

I learned DRY (don’t repeat yourself) - again - especially with Flutter’s all code UI. So, learning to convert most reusable Widgets to “components” is fun.

I also learned a few techniques and best practices.

Updating RPN Radio App

After my “wedding” break from the office, I came back with the motivation to update this app. Before updating, there was a “downgrade” with the app logic which disabled viewing stations’ live and offline status.

And the app needed a UI/UX refresh - well at least for the player part.

RPN Radio App UI before and after

RPN Radio App UI before and after (Note: After image was taken when stations were offline)

The app is now available to download for free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


I also tested Flutter’s web app by building a working web version of my simple app, ZIP Code PH. It’s really really simple as of this moment.

I will be also going in-depth with Firebase and Firebase Auth to improve the mobile apps.

Gaming and Streaming

Sadly, after coming back from the break, I felt no energy to play games - continue playing Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey or any other games on my Xbox PC game pass. And whenever I start a new game, I feel bored can’t motivate myself to continue playing.

I tried to play Dead Space, Battlefield 4, and VALORANT this November but also felt nothing.

But there is this game called 7 Days to Die on Steam that I am currently playing (not regularly, though) and I’ll see if it’s worth playing through.

Catch me on Facebook Gaming when I go live, or on my YouTube gaming channel for uploads.

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