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A Look Back on 2022

Here we are, the last day of 2022, still felt weird with what happened with the world and to me.

I started the year with a fresh start by taking a vacation (as usual) to celebrate the previous year ending in the province. But something really bad, I caught - Covid. Yes, I knew it was it when I felt it because my body went from 💯 to kaput in a couple of hours. I detailed most of it here in this post.

That took me three weeks to rest up because of “weird” instructions before I went back to work again.

It was also a good thing since I picked up playing Hollow Knight during my isolation and quarantine weeks - and it was really good!

I finished through the game at 112% in the coming weeks (or months? thanks Godhome!).

I also resumed coding - updating some apps and personal projects here and there.

GitHub contributions graph

GitHub contributions graph

I also got myself an Elgato Stream Deck MK.2 (which I detailed here) to ease some workflows and which I mostly learned about Figma’s Auto layout feature to manage my own custom icons for the Stream Deck.

As you can see my GitHub contributions graph above, I barely did anything past April since I went and did some online course/s and read some books.

In the Philippines, April/May is summertime and finally we had an “outing” - more details on this post here. We also got to celebrate my mom’s 50th birthday.

That last linked post above was my last one to prepare for our wedding on October. I didn’t think much of how it went well but it was a long time coming after 8 years being together.

We went to Roheim in San Fabian, Pangasinan for our honeymoon and the place was empty (besides the workers). I don’t know if we were lucky to spend time alone but it was worthwhile. We actually vlogged the place below:

November was still kinda busy setting up our own place we can call home, opening gifts, moving some things, and actually buying furniture and whatever.

I also got myself a PC (finally!) before the year ends. I ended up sourcing the parts at PC Express after comparing to 5 stores. I also built it myself - took 3.5 hours and sadly no vlog or documentation - which I intend to change in 2023 (gotta love myself more!). See PC Specs

That’s it for my 2022, how did your end go? Wish you a good new year ahead!

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