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My Firsts While Reviewing for the A+ Core 1 Certification

(This post will get updated from time to time adding new learning.)

Welp, in a decade of handling computers - hardware and software, I never really took any professional certifications of proving my tech skills. And this year hopefully, I can get into at least one.

First, I was never really surrounded by tech people, personally or in the workplace, so the pressure or need to have one never really occurred to me despite knowing their existence and importance.

Second, I already had an Engineer license and felt that’s enough.

Lastly, I can’t afford the exams. 🫣

This blog post will contain any new learning and other things I am yet to put my hands on (for a quick glance to help remembering).

  • There’s actually numbered steps in IT troubleshooting.
    • I am pretty much comfortable in troubleshooting and basically do the steps unknowingly.
  • Bit/Bytes measurement follows the International System (SI). 1Kbps = 1,000 bps.
  • A half byte is a nibble.
  • Understood Multi-channel Memory.
  • Newer motherboards still call it BIOS despite being UEFI.
  • RAID disks (never got to practice this).
  • Containerization.
  • Further Cloud Computing.
  • There’s a word APIPA.
  • VLAN-ing.

📸: Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

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