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Good JuJu: Roundup

Haven't blogged in a while so here's what happend in June and July

Okay, hear me out, I am still procrastinating after watching hours TED Talks and YouTube videos on how to be productive and avoid wasting time doing senseless things. What’s wrong? Do I have a lot on my mind or in my hands to keep me posting blogs? Can’t be motivated by self-help books and videos? Am I still waiting for when “it’s too late”? AARGH

gif about laziness


Birthday Gift

So my last post was June 12, I celebrated my 29th birthday on the 14th and got myself an Elgato HD60S+ to achieve better mobile gaming mirroring but that still, I can’t keep my streaming schedule! AARGH (2)

I got the thingy not just to stream games but for future use - like recording “How to use this app” for YouTube or presentations, so it may be an expensive thing but I always think of them as an investment for my app development journey.

Elgato HD60S+

Elgato HD60S+

Speaking of streaming, I started streaming on Twitch! Right now, I planned on playing Minecraft, Left 4 Dead 2, and Call of Duty: Mobile. Also, I will try to stream on MWFS schedule playing those games or variety. Give me a follow and get notified when I go live.

I will be using my Facebook Page and Discord server to post updates.

Stream Setup (Mobile Gaming)

As of this writing, I am lucky enough to have this setup for mobile game streaming:


Any more happened last week of June? Hmm. Yeah right, I released an update for RPN Radio app for both Android and iOS adding a call-to-action button to send the stations a message thru Facebook Messenger. This was after watching on Udemy that apps or any products always have a goal-in-mind - the stations should increase inquiries for advertisement or any other public service comments.

The app is still available for FREE on Google Play Store, Huawei App Store, and iOS App Store. I created this simple app landing page for the links.

Call-to-Action Button - RPN Radio App

Call-to-Action Button - RPN Radio App

I also got to try the new Windows 11 Insider Preview on a VM. Tested on my main machine but I can’t risk the beta so I rolled back to Windows 10.


Chocolates, Anyone?

Let’s start the month with a sweet treat, homemade chocolates courtesy of my SO. Anyone interested? Hit the like on the Instagram post below for us to start selling them. 😊

Second Dose

I got my second dose of Covid vaccine (Sinovac) on the 6th, thankfully there were no side-effects except for the body aches I got after NOT SLEEPING WELL! 🤦‍♂️

Website Updates

With work, I updated the RPN website overall layout after migrating to a new hosting provider. And some minor updates to some if not all the online systems.

RPN Radio Website

RPN Radio Website

Rainy Vacay

After that, I decided to take a short long break to escape the jungle NCR Bubble by going home to Pangasinan. I am so longing to be with the family after 6+ months of not going home - I last went home way back December 2020 to spend the holidays.

I was so looking forward to at least visit a beach, see a sunset, feel the breeze of fresh air but UNLUCKILY the weather ahead was not well! I did not see the predictions that there will be a coming storm for the week. So the first few days were a bust, and I just stayed inside and chilled out with some beer.

The 20th was a holiday, and magically the weather was at least fine for us to go to Binmaley beach - don’t worry, there were no crowds so we can be safe, I think? The sun was peeping through the clouds and by the afternoon, a mild rain poured. Together with relatives, we spend some time there swimming, singing, EATING, and drinking booze until it’s time to go home.

Binmaley Beach

Binmaley Beach

Lumpiang Gulay

My other plans went down the drain as the weather became worse, Dagupan City was flooded (plus high tide) that light vehicles weren’t able to pass. Sadly, I can’t meet my only city friends. There’s still next time right? Right?

I decided to extend my stay but continued checking some online responsibilities just to make sure they are still up even I’m not present in the office - though I failed to join our online meetings.

We also went to our grandfather’s brother to celebrate his 70th birthday. Then we spent some time (and over pizza) with my cousin to talk about tech and stuff.

Selfie with Lolo and Cousin + Damaged Foods 🤣

Selfie with Lolo and Cousin + Damaged Foods 🤣

Oh, I also got a haircut (question mark).



That’s it for this blog post, thanks for reading! (the rain pours while I write this).

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