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Story of my Logitech Mice

I have been a fan of Logitech mice for daily office work and gaming


Why do (or did) I own at least 5 of Logitech G mice despite the “double-clicking” issues about them? As an ECE, I knew that some percentage of any electronics produced out there do have flaws - and this is not an excuse for their price - but in the “real” world, these things can happen. Also, when looking at r/mechanicalkeyboards they combo their awesome keebs with a Logitech mouse despite them hating on Romer-G’s.

This is my “short” history on my Logitech mouse shopping and usage. Here it goes:


If I recall correctly, my first mouse from Logitech was the G302, it has the odd shape but it just fits nicely in my hand. I used it for almost 2 years until it went “double-clicking” due to playing Dota 2. I just scavenged some old A4tech mouse and took out the switches (Huanos?) to replace one on the G302. The G302 still works today but it has this rattling noise due to the broken plastics inside.

G302 still works this day

G302 still works this day


Then I bought a G203, a smaller mouse sporting with the new logo. I bought this to have an RGB mouse. This is when I started to jump on the “Logitech mouse hype”.

My G203 with brand new HyperX Fury mouse mat

My G203 with brand new HyperX Fury mouse mat

Impulse Buying the G403

Being on the “hype train”, I impulse bought a G403 when it became available in my country despite my current G203 still works. The G403 was not comfortable for my hand - well, the shops before don’t have demo units - so I bought another G203 as I gave the old one to my GF for office use. The G403 is stored for now.

Logitech G403

Impulse bought G403 😂

After some time, GF’s workplace decided to renovate so I took the G203 back and decided to “mod” it and cut the wire too short making it unroutable to my home setup. This older G203 is now in my “junk box”.

GPro on Discount

I think all through the year 2019, I was looking to buy their wireless mouse - the G304. It has the same shape as the G203 and has the new HERO sensor. And that one time when I decided to finally buy one, I first asked a salesperson if there were any Logitech promos and I was told that the G Pro was 50% off. Without hesitation, I bought it instead of the G304.

Half-priced G Pro, not a bad buy

Half-priced G Pro, not a bad buy

The G Pro is physically the same as G203 but has a braided cable, stiffer mouse wheel, and sporting the PMW3366 optical gaming sensor. I use this in the office with a cheap mouse bungee to keep the wire neat.

G304 Wireless

Fast forward March 2020, city-wide was on lockdown, knowing that I would be staying in the office for quite some time, I lend my laptop to my GF for her to use. I also lend her the (working) G203.

After some time staying in the office, I decided to neat up my desk and I found it a hassle for wires (with dual monitors, keyboards, USB cords, and whatnot) so I thought, “It’s time to check that G304 I wished for the longest time. And there’s a sale incoming too.”

28-day old G304

28-day old G304

I checked Lazada but I was skeptical to buy electronics from them – to avoid the hassle process of returning a defective product. This is when I learned that my “favorite” gaming store I bought my previous Logitech mice has a “better” website and I checked the G304 and it was cheaper compared to its store retail price. I bought it as a gift for myself this June.

Here on my desk right now is the G304 and the G Pro. I use the G304 for daily work and casual games and the G Pro for FPS and competitive gaming. I will be posting my review for the G304 soon. And sorry for the lack of better pictures of my mice.

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