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Logitech G304 Review

Reviewing my first wireless mouse ever

So this is my short and honest review of the G304 wireless mouse.

As I mentioned on my previous blog post here, this is my 4th mouse and my first gaming? wireless mouse. I ordered it online from DataBlitz for $39, and was delivered quickly in 2 days.

What’s in the box?

The box contains the wireless mouse itself, the usual manuals, Logitech Gaming promo leaflet, a blue G logo sticker, a Duracell AA battery, and a USB extension cord.

Logitech G304 box contents

Box contents

Let’s get Physical!

Battery compartment

The mouse has no RGB strip like it’s cousins (G Pro/G203) but it has a single RGB LED that indicates colored DPI assignments in Logitech G Hub. The battery compartment and the USB receiver is accessed through the lower top part of the mouse - by sliding it off the body.

G304 with battery

Logitech G304

Battery included

I currently use an Energizer Lithium AA battery which I believe is lighter but I still keep the free battery whenever I need a heavier setup.

AA batteries

AA Batteries (front came with the product)

Bottom Switch

The power switch is located below the mouse with a red and blue color indicator for off and on state. The bottom also has an extra slide compared to the G Pro/G203.

G304 bottom

Bottom view of grip


The mouse shape fits perfectly in my hands and I can switch to the wired G Pro when I play some competitive games - not that this can’t do the job. But I often stick to this, G304, every time I stream my games (shameless plug - https://fb.gg/RedDavidGaming/)

G304 top grip

Top view grip

G304 side grip

Side view of grip


I used this since day one - June 2 - and I only got a hiccup once during a Dota 2 game which made me switch to wired, and since then I used this as a daily driver and on my games. Lately, I am playing Minecraft a lot, some Dota 2, CS:GO, some Valorant, Metro Exodus, just finished Mafia II: Definitive Edition, C&C Yuri’s Revenge.


My overall experience using the same shape of a mouse will be just comfortable throughout my day - office job and being a small-time streamer. It also frees your hand positions by not limited by a wired mouse. Despite it not having an RGB, I would suggest this for small-handed people, for those who travel a lot and for gamers and streamers looking for a budget wireless gaming mouse.

More info?

Since I don’t have a weighing scale and sea of tech reviews, you can check the thorough tech specs review from Rocket Jump Ninja here.

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