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Life Updates

A quick post with a few life updates

As you might have noticed, I haven’t blogged in more than a month (since April 27th). So here are some highlights and what has happened:

Outing before May

First week I got to join an outing to a private pool to unwind. The travel is quite a pain since it was on a Friday night. It was a simple company get-together but so glad I came.

Election Season

We are yet again elect the two of the highest positions of the government and I got a week off from work (too bad they won’t let me have a laptop - so I could at least check back when needed). I got to spend my mom’s 50th birthday (again on a location with a pool) where I emcee’d for a bit.

Going home also means I got to eat better and healthier. So sad I spent most inside since it was extremely hot on our place - so I got to continue reading some books.

Reading Books

As said on a previous blog post, I finished Atomic Habits and finished another two books: Outliers and Essentialism. Reading this three books made me make some changes in my life especially with Essentialism which particularly affected my focus - in work, play, and life.

I began journaling daily activities, avoid doing “unessential” things, and take and “think” things slow.

My reading list as of now:

  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
  • Everything is F*cked
  • Zero to One
  • Designing for Work

My reading is on and off to “accommodate” other things like taking short online courses on Udemy, doing some coding courses, and of course doing essential work.


I’ll go ahead and say I might not be posting again anytime soon (or maybe if motivation comes) since I am keeping my self busy with work, and “essential” activities. I also stopped playing video games which is sad but it also means I get to read books or code.

Mastering dotnet

Took so long but I think I really get to at least master .NET and C#.

Manage Myself

Just think about it yourself.

Tie the Knot

Getting closer to October for a new chapter.

That’s it for me, May went by so fast and it’s now June, I’m getting older in a few days.

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