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Some Updates (Yes, I am Still Alive)

I'm back! Giving you a few life updates

Well how about that?! I just said about how I am prone to procrastinating on my last blog post (over 2 months ago!) that I wanted to keep pisting at least once a week but guess what, I failed! 🥲

Though it’s not laziness, I just didn’t have good stories to post since it is still a pandemic over here and I just got back to work after my 2 weeks vacation (ehem, 10 days since I still kept in touch with my responsibilities - online stuff).

There’s just nothing to share, I don’t know.

But here are some highlights these past 2 months (may or may not be in particular order):

Sleeping Early

Visiting the province means that you MUST sleep early. Can’t do much when waking later in the day.

Cook Better Food

I have been intending to cook a healthy meal long before but time constraints and marketing had been prevented me to do so. But with extra time I got by sleeping and waking up early I get to buy and cook a quick meal.

Read More Books

I can’t remember where I found The War of Art (yes, not Art of War). It is a book about fighting resistance of doing art (a metaphor of doing what you REALLY love). It’s a short self-development book authored by Steven Pressfield, and later I found that it has sequels or whatever you call it: Do The Work and Turning Pro. Do The Work was originally published first but was updated (I think?) to be the follow-up of TWoA. As the book title says, when overcoming resistance DO THE WORK. Lastly, Turning Pro is about escaping the amateur life (of doing work).

I also stumbled upon a website called mostrecommendedbooks.com, a website where you can find a list of books which top personalities and celebrities had read. Some notable personalities I leisurely checked: Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Elon Musk (this man is futuristic and really into tech!), Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, PewDiePie, Richard Branson, and Steve Jobs.

They all have their niche but I found that they have some mutual titles which I got interested putting into my reading list:

Read List

I recommend reading “Man’s Search for Meaning” at least once in your life. 🙂

Man’s Search for Meaning cover

Man’s Search for Meaning cover

Online Courses

These are some online video courses like Udemy. I am currently half-way through Microsoft Office 2019 course. I still have Flutter/Dart development, Web development, and UI with Figma development courses on Udemy and some on other sites.

“The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.” - B.B. King

These are the amazing things happened for the past months except the first two didn’t last since my girlfriend recently got a graveyard shift work where we can only talk at around 2:30am (GMT+8) during her (lunch) break. Don’t blame me, I’m just a loving person 😂.

Now let’s talk about work, it is stressful at times with at least two meetings per week and August was a one hell of ride for the website to migrate and apparently, that was also the month the hosting service will conduct a maintenance 😬. Despite that, I’ve learnt about a few basic things for site security and database optimizations.

There were also a few more layout and quality updates which I will share soon. But you can see what I’ve worked on rpnradio.com and tunein.rpnradio.com.

As for the company’s mobile apps - updates are still pending. I am hoping for a wider schedule to keep my “programming momentum” uninterrupted because once I started I can’t stop until the code works. Trust me, unless I can’t figure it out and need a good night’s sleep to come up with a fix.

Lastly, on my very very free time, I can get to play and record playing the guitar and upload to my YouTube channel. Feel free to like or dislike. 🤣 I also compensate some time to stream on Twitch for a few hours.

I hope these are enough to keep you updated. I will also post some tech buys I did to give myself back for the hard-work I believe I do. Hit me up in Twitter or Facebook on how your last two months went!

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