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9 and Over

Cheering for the 9 years working on the same company

Cheers for the 9 years!

I just quit my job of 9 years to shift careers. I wanted to pursue a career in programming (or deeper in IT). As writing this post, I am taking at least a month-long break to accomplish personal things.

Some of these things include:

  • Finally getting a license to drive
  • Updating my IDs from single to being married
  • Visit some places
  • And play some video games 😄

I won’t detail much about the reason, and process leaving my job, but it ended well (I think, hopefully, maybe). And I honestly look forward to their continuous success.

Hit me up

Know anyone who can risk or take the chance hiring a 30+ year old guy doing .NET/C# Desktop/Mobile software development since 2013? Hit me up on my LinkedIn.


(Also sorry for not posting for such a long time!)

Featured Image: Photo by Wil Stewart on Unsplash

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