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Developing for Apple Soon

App Developing for iOS

Me = Apple User?

Yes, I gave in to use an Apple device. Well, I’ve tried an iPhone XS before, and I must admit, having a device with software dedicated to its hardware is chef’s kiss. That’s what I liked about Apple, the hardware and software work along each other, and like most people, the price-tag for their phones held me back until December.

I loaned for an iPhone 11 since the iPhone 12 is expensive and I like the 11’s grip instead of the sharp edges of the new design. I got a yellow one since the black sold out. Then I realized black, though very simple, is such a generic color that it doesn’t stand out as a phone’s color and I’ve had too many black phones before.

Yellow iPhone 11

Yellow iPhone 11

Developing Apps for iOS Soon

I’m excited to learn new things and finally applying the cross-platform capabilities of Xamarin.Forms which I have used in some of my Android apps and it’s C#. I also want to check out native code from Apple, SwiftUI.

Developing for Apple is quite costly, that you need to own a Mac (or rent online) and ₱4450 ($99) for an individual to publish to the App Store. And it is YEARLY.

iOS 14 App Library (is that TikTok? 😅)

iOS 14 App Library (is that TikTok? 😅)

So, to test things out, I would be putting my app ZIP Code PH on the App Store and might set a (very very small) price to support this costly Apple environment 😂.

In the meantime…

Go ahead and check out my apps on the Windows 10 Store and Google Play Store both under Red David.

See you soon!

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