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ZIP Code PH Gets Refreshed UI

Adding Fluent design to my Windows 10 app

Foreword and Inspiration

Over these past few months, I have been checking on some fluent design concepts and app updates over Twitter and other design sites like, Dribbble, Behance, and even Medium. Also, I have been busy gaming and doing some reading on my spare time that I missed coding and updating some of my apps.

Then one time, I just found the urge to update it after seeing Michael West’s concept layouts over Dribbble. He created a UI concept for Windows 10’s App settings panel as seen here on his Dribbble post.

I started coding at once, cleaning up some codes on the app starting with the UI. And came up with the final layout.


Here are some screenshots of the updated app version 4.

Fluent Design UI

Dark mode

Search Page in Light mode


You can check the free app here in the Microsoft Store.

English badge

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