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A Poem From the Past

Remembering someone with a poem

Decluttering some files and found this little sad poem saved in a text file, and I just thought of sharing it.

My Heart Misses You

My heart misses you

Like the drought misses a rainshower

Like a winter waiting for the summer

And like a dream I’d always remember

My heart misses you

Like the sun always there ready to shine

To wake up weary hearts sleeping fine

Like lovers looking for a valentine

My heart misses you

A warm feeling that embraces me

A happiness inside that you can set free

A love that you give unconditionally

My heart misses you

Every night i try to sleep

Every night I try not to weep

But this pain I feel’s just too hard to keep

My heart misses you

That I cannot seem to live alone

after all this love you have shown

We could’ve worn that special stone

My heart misses you

As I speak every word I say

As I live my life through each day

I just miss you in every single way

— David (March 19th 2014 11:17 PM)

I remember writing this in my lola’s (grandmother) house late in the evening, as the time, when I still very much miss my late ex-girlfriend after more than 3 months.

Now, I haven’t visited her for the longest time and I really need to go visit sometime soon. And I hope she continues to watch me over every single time I live. :)

Go hug someone you love. Right now.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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