Featured image of post Clipchamp 1080p Exports is Now FREE

Clipchamp 1080p Exports is Now FREE

No more 480p exports in 2022

In case you missed it, Microsoft acquired a web-based video editing app known as Clipchamp back in Q4 2021. And after they finally put the app into Windows to become a slightly better editing tool (also on Xbox?), but all it gave to users are disappointment because of features locked behind overpriced subscription.

Clipchamp Editor

Clipchamp Editor

Who Exports at 480p? Give us 1080p, Please!

Yes, who does? And surprisingly, Clichamp offers free users to ONLY export their video projects into 480p.

Good News!

What a shame, but as of this writing I got an email from Clipchamp that 1080p exports is now available for everyone.

1080p exports is now the base resolution for all tiers of plans:

Clipchamp plans

Clipchamp Plans

Though I am yet to use this app, I’ve read online that it’s somehow intuitive by the online-based resources: templates, music & SFX, stock images, graphics, filters, effects, etc. that are suitable for quick and effortless video creations.

Check the app online at app.clipchamp.com or download from Microsoft Store.

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