Featured image of post OBS Studio 27 is here

OBS Studio 27 is here

OBS Studio releases version 27.0

I just updated my OBS a few days ago with the official release version after trying out the several release candidates.

I will talk about the new features and improvements here that will be useful for my use. Check their blog post here and the complete changelog here.

Undo & Redo

At last! No more annoyances when you just ACCIDENTALLY move something on the canvas. Undo and redo is here for every change you do in your sources and scenes - not sure for all filters though. And that’s 5000 actions.

Though I mostly use OBS for game streaming (no facecam), I move things around only to notice that it was not the source I wanted to move! This surely helps users out and always had been the most requested feature.

Files, where?

Version 27 also added a missing files window prompt on launch that allows us to relocate or ignore the missing files. Nice addition so we don’t go start streaming only to have the files missing.

Missing Files Warning Window

Missing Files Warning Window

No More Noise

OBS v27 for Windows now adds NVIDIA Noise Removal as an option to audio Noise Suppression filter when the NVIDIA Audio Effects SDK is installed. Oh, also you need an NVIDIA RTX GPU for that - so no screenshots from me.


Thanks for these 2 new improvements among others:

  • Browser Source interact button (toolbar)
  • Virtual Camera toggle button (system tray)

Browser Source Interact Button

Browser Source Interact Button

Toggle Virtual Camera on System Tray Icon<

Toggle Virtual Camera on System Tray Icon<

Final Thoughts

This new version of OBS Studio definitely helps with the new added features. Now I want a selective record feature.

I use OBS Studio together with StreamElements OBS Live to simplify my stream setup to Facebook Gaming. I now have 1,019 followers (as of this writing) and why not check me out there? Maybe talk about gaming, life, or programming? RedDavidGaming on Facebook Gaming

I dedicate the starwall page for my stars-sender. Thanks and make sure to check out OBS Studio’s latest release here.

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