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Staying at Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Stay safe!

When the sudden rise of Covid-19 cases here in the Philippines, the government was urged to implement a community quarantine - which was a lockdown - public transportation is suspended, non-essential businesses must be closed or simply everyone should stay at home.

But working on a media and broadcasting field, yet being the transmitter engineers, we can’t help but think: Uhm, how about us?

Unfortunately, it took almost 2 days to formulize measures for us; don’t get me wrong, we wanted to be safe, but being the essential skeletal personnel in the operations of news source, and in my own opinion, we had to keep the broadcast on-air.

To reduce public exposure, we were assigned a 7-day work-week and 7-day home-rest during the quarantine imposed by the government. During the work-week, we can stay in office (which we do most of the time) - this also to avoid the public.

So as of now, I am still on my rest-week, reading programming books, self-help books, watching some Netflix, downloaded movies, playing some Minecraft and exercise, of course. I sometimes go outside to buy some essential stuffs, but sadly, there are still a lot of people on the main streets. Worse, not social-distancing. God help us.

There is also this viral in social media right now comparing, lest, swapping their local Mayors for not acting amidst the pandemic. It makes me laugh but at times like these, it can be a serious matter where we should learn not to vote the incompetent leaders.

We still don’t know how will this affect our monetary status. But we are pretty sure our savings will be affected. If you can, you can help me stay safe and secure at home:

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