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Tech News April

Lots of tech news and announcement early April

Windows Live Recorded Event

I was just anticipating a single event at 11PM and it was Microsoft’s Windows Powers the Future of Hybrid Work live (recorded) event.

They announced security improvements and new features coming later this year focused first on businesses. Here are some I got from the stream:

  • Security for accessing organization in personal computers
  • Windows Cloud PC with new security features and provisioning for IT Admins
  • Voice Clarity for meetings
  • Improved accessibility/inclusivity features in voice recognition
  • User productivity
  • New and improved Windows 11 Security
  • File Explorer tabs

And checking Twitter after the stream, there were a lot more announced that time apparently.

Firefox 100

Mozilla Firefox is now releasing their 100th version, quoting there first 3-digit Firefox on their Beta channel.

Unreal Engine 5

Can we even differentiate reality to Unreal Engine 5 graphics anymore?

Unreal Engine 5 City Sample

Apple iOS 15.5 Developer Beta

After a long break of not releasing a new beta build, the wait is now over. The download size is 5.66GB on an iPhone 11 15.4.1.

This beta’s release notes are just SDK updates and includes some small Universal Control issues.

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