Featured image of post Unlocked: 1K Followers

Unlocked: 1K Followers

Achievement getting 1,000 followers on Facebook Gaming page

First of all, thank you so much to all who stayed, watched, and enjoyed my content.

It was on May 26th that we finally got to a thousand following after a year of starting to be a Gaming Video Creator on Facebook. The stream felt like another day of chill streaming by playing a couple of hours of Minecraft. It was quite overwhelming for a small-time (and not full-time) streamer like me but thanks to my cousins and og supporters for helping me out in the chat and Discord server.

1K followers achievement custom

Daily Nightly Streams

Now that there’s that 1K following behind me, I will pursue to stream on a daily basis, even a short one because honestly, I miss talking and updating with them. I will also continue to improve my stream quality.

Not Minecraft, Hello?

Minecraft is a really popular game we all know that, and most of my followers were because of the game. I do not expect everyone to like me playing variety of games but I still hope most could support me when I come back playing other types of games. Although, I would still join our SMP server if I fail to stream Minecraft.

Twitch/YouTube Switch

Yes, I have been thinking of switching to either one, why? First, Twitch have several audience interaction which I have been using when I watch my favorite streamers there like, watch points, play with viewers, etc and you can watch on app minimized.

Watch Twitch Videos Minimized

Watch Twitch Videos Minimized

While YouTube had a better chat system, but chat highlights and audience interactions are better - with chatbots.

I held back these thoughts before since I did start my Facebook page a long time and gained a few followers. I just hoped if I made up my mind to switch, we can determine the real supporters. Maybe?

That’s it for this blog post. Thank you again for visiting my website and you can catch up on my Gaming Videos on Facebook Gaming and follower me there. You can also follow me on my socials: @reddvid

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