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Streaming Again & Minecraft SMP Season 2

Come hang out on my stream

Rejoice! My more-than-a-month-long hiatus finally came to an end - I’m back to streaming video games in Facebook Gaming. In just 2 days, I’ve managed to garner a whopping 8+ hours as compared before.

This also means that I am back to relieving some stress thru my beloved game Minecraft, (Survival Mode).

First World?

The first server I rented became toxic unenjoyable after a few months after opening it into the public - NO it’s not because of the new players, but because the server was technically “DONE” by having usable XP farms, stripped mines, food source, and other auto AFK farms. Which meant that new players have nothing more to do but mess around most of the time.

I tried to reload the server with a new world but it kept corrupting upto the point that I reverted it back to the older (toxic) world. And I stopped playing less and less.

Refreshed and New? Season 2

Yes, after I decided to stream again, I hastily rented a new server and invite some of my OG followers to play with me. As of now, the world is still peaceful and managed to invite more players in hoping we can live happily in the upcoming days.

Unlike before, the server is now Offline-mode, meaning that non-Mojang accounts can now join - be CAREFUL though, WE CAN STILL BAN YOU.

Wanna Join?

Head over to our Discord server for the rules and guidelines, and for the Server IP.

Red David Discord Server

Want to Own a Minecraft Server

Hosted by Shockbyte, cheap and reliable servers are offered for you. Check them out here.

Hello 1K Followers

I have been aiming to reach followers before the year 2020 ends but I failed to do so, much more that I stopped streaming for more than a month.

Now with regained confidence, I am on the path to reach that goal while improving my streaming. So head over to my Facebook Gaming Page and see if you like me to gain a Follow!

Facebook Stars ✨🌟⭐

Also, I tried streaming mobile games now and then but the current setup is not suited for it. I am slowly building funds to get the setup for mobile games too.

Receiving stars during my live streams are very much appreciated by placing your names on my Starwall here: Star-senders Wall

Other Ways to Support

Hi, I do coding on my own and a small-time streamer, any help would be appreciated 😊

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