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Finishing this MS Office Course on Udemy. (Or Am I?)

I have been on and off this course since August 2020

Udemy is a website catering online courses for everyone who wants to learn something new, continue learning, and to expand the current knowledge of a particular topic. And this time I wanted to advance my knowledge with Microsoft Office.

Udemy offers vast courses by frequently promoting sales. I actually got this complete course way back 2020 and I have been on and off the course by selecting the lecture topics to focus on. And also when I got other current shorter courses more appropriate on that time.

Advancing my MS Office Knowledge

The course is entitled, Ultimate Microsoft Office; Excel, Word, PowerPoint & Access - though they added and updated it to include the 2019 and 365 updates and other Office products. I got it for around 700PHP, and I was overwhelmed with how many lectures were there for all Office products:

  • Excel
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • Access
  • OneNote
  • Teams

Overall, there are 625 lectures with the videos totaling 68.5 hours. The topics start with an Office program explaining from the basics into advanced. And as stated on the course page, this is What I Will Learn:

  • Learn the essential and advanced Microsoft Office
  • Skills in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams and Access
  • Learn practical methods to backup and recover your
  • Excel spreadsheets and never lose data
  • Discover the essentials of using formulas and functions in Excel
  • Learn practical methods to sort and filter your data in Excel
  • Learn how to insert shapes, graphics and pictures to add some “zing” to your PowerPoint
  • Wow your audience by adding animations, audio and video to PowerPoint
  • Learn time saving techniques including how to copy slides, and exporting your presentation
  • Learn Word tools including using columns, indents, footers, borders and watermarks.
  • Learn how to correctly Print envelopes and labels in Word
  • Insert professional pictures and graphics in your Word document
  • Sorting information and running queries in Access
  • Discover how to into import data from Excel in Access
  • How to compact, repair and backup your Access database
  • How to get set up in Outlook
  • How to customize your mailbox and view
  • How to organize and manage your mail including ignoring, flagging and conditional formatting
  • How to use signatures and voting buttons
  • Working with the Outlook Calendar, including creating meetings and appointments
  • and more!!!

I started with Word even though it’s the most app I used and most familiar with. Then Outlook, OneNote, Excel, Teams, and now currently into PowerPoint. I actually watched the basics videos with 1.5x-1.75x speed since I already have a good understanding with it since I have been using a computer back 2006-ish.

Now, can I finish it this April? Or do I still have to stop for the MS Access lectures (does anyone ever use Access)?

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